September 8, 2022

Wheels Doctor Services: Powder Coating

When we think of painting we always imagine brushes, rollers, plastic or tin containers, or guns and airbrushes that always needed compressors. But over the last 50 years, another way of industrial painting has been perfected, called Powder Coating.

This is a kind of industrial coating, in a 100% solid state in powder form.

Powder Coating at Wheels Doctor

It is applied using an electrostatic method and is generally used on metallic materials.

Then it is subjected to a heating process to acquire the very high-quality properties that characterize it.

The purpose is to achieve a uniform and much more durable finish on metals and some plastics, avoiding annoying bubbles and excess paint.

Electrostatic paint is much more durable compared to liquid paints.

In addition, it possesses the great advantage of being more environmentally friendly since no solvents are used that evaporate or end up in the drain.

It is believed that up to 92% of environmentally hazardous emissions are reduced.

Powder coating looks very much like conventional bake-on paint techniques.

But here it is a powder spray that, when subsequently cured in an oven, forms a film when it melts in the heat on the workpiece.

As a result, its components react to form a solid around it.

Powder coating is currently used in hundreds of products in the most varied industries:
Household appliances, auto parts, and even civil constructions.

But the most important is still the need to reduce the emissions of solvents used in the industry, which mainly impact the atmosphere.

The process begins with pre-treatment:Powder Coating at Wheels DoctorDeep cleaning of the surface, removing grease, dirt, and anything else that may interfere with the coating.

Then we move on to coating the part:
The powder is electrically charged as it is applied, giving each particle a negative charge.

The part to be coated is electrically grounded as a means of attracting and bonding the charged powder to the surface of the part.

This electrostatic attraction is a key requirement of the process, as it aids the uniformity of the coating and the speed of its application.

Finally: Baking.
After the part is powder coated, it is moved to a curing oven where the powder gels flow and cure, creating a smooth product and a durable finish.

Want to know about the benefits of Powder Coating?
Is it more economical than a conventional painting service?

Stay tuned to our blog, because in the next post we will answer these questions!

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