September 2, 2022

Electric, hybrid, or conventional cars?

Previously we have already talked in other posts about electric and hybrid cars.

We even mentioned some interesting models (if you want to see the list click here).

But what are the differences between electric, hybrid or conventional (gasoline) cars?

Which is the best option when buying a car?

At Wheels Doctor, we tell you 3 important differences between hybrid, electric and conventional cars. Thinking about your safety, the quality, and course your pocket.

Differences between a gasoline car and an electric car

Speed, efficiency, and impact on the environment are characteristic factors between gasoline and electric cars.

  • Acceleration: An electric car has no gearbox, so you accelerate as you step on the pedal.

On the other hand, a motor car requires the use of gearbox to brake, accelerate or start.

For this reason, the electric car is super practical in cities where, due to traffic, you constantly have to use the gearbox.

  • Safety: The instantaneous motor of an electric car acts faster in risky situations.

A conventional car is heavier and has engines that make it lose stability.

  • Ecological impact: Due to the aspects mentioned above, an electric car does not pollute the environment at all.

Unlike motor cars that produce smoke and toxic waste.

Electric Cars Charging

Differences between a gasoline car and a hybrid car.

A hybrid car is half electric and half gasoline. This type of car gives you the option of having two cars of different styles in one, which can give you many benefits.

  • Engine: In a hybrid car you have the support of an electric motor that, in combination with the internal combustion engine, makes more efficient use of energy.

That is why its operation is intuitive.

On the other hand, gasoline cars have engines that, thanks to their turbo quality, give you in practice great power, although the energy consumption is higher.

  • Price: A hybrid car is more expensive because of its technology than a gasoline one.

If you will use your new car to cover a few kilometers, a gasoline one is a good option.

Repair conventional cars is different than electric ones

  • Repairs: A hybrid vehicle has a more modern operation that not just any mechanic shop will understand.

You have to find the right professional mechanics to repair your vehicle when you need it.

On the other hand, with a gasoline car, mechanics will not be a problem, since it is more conventional, you will have more options when it comes to taking it to the repair shop.

The 3 types of cars mentioned have their advantages and disadvantages.

However, this list of comparisons to know the differences between this types of cars, so when you want to buy a new one and you don’t know which one could be your best option according to your lifestyle, this will help you!

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