Want to go out to some restaurants in Miami, but… don’t know where to go?

Are you planning to go on a romantic date and want something special?

Maybe you don’t have special plans, but sometimes we don’t want to cook at home, or we want to eat something different. 

From local food to international food (Peruvian, Puerto Rican, Japanese) you can find all kinds of restaurants in Miami.

So get dressed up, grab your car and check out the top 5 of the best restaurants in Miami, according to Google Rates.

We start with Monty’s Raw bar (4.4 stars out of +6K votes). 

Monty's Raw Bar - Best Restaurants in Miami

This restaurant has been around since 1969 and has become an iconic Miami spot where movies and series like Miami Vice, Burn Notice, and Marley & Me have even been filmed.

”The waterfront tiki hut setting allows you to forget about life for a while as you soak up the bay air and enjoy a great meal with friends and family.”

If you like Peruvian food CVI.CHE 105 is a very good place for you. (4.8 stars out of +10K votes)

cvi.che 105, Peruvian Food - Best Restaurants in Miami

Known for its vast selection of fresh ceviches and traditional dishes, this restaurant proudly represents Peruvian gastronomy.

This place is a twelve-year award-winning Peruvian restaurant and is a delicious experience for each and everyone of the guests.

Red Carpet Italian Restaurant is an excellent choice if you want a different night out in a little piece of Italy in Miami (4.7 stars out of 444 votes).

Red Carpet Italian Food - Best Restaurants in Miami

In this restaurant you will find the particularity that its menu only incorporates freshly made dishes alongside homemade pastries and desserts.

In addition to this, they have a selection of wines sourced from an array of small Italian producers. 

For Japanese food lovers: Kyu Restaurants (4.6 stars out of +2K votes).

KYU Japanese Food - Best Restaurants in Miami

This restaurant is a place that, besides being elegant with a very good atmosphere, will delight you with its Asian food.

”KYU’s unique wood-smoked, wood-grilled Asian concept quickly made KYU one of Miami’s most coveted dining spots while gaining international acclaim.”

Continuing with Asian food, we have Zuma Miami, (4.5 stars out of +3K votes).

Zuma Miami - Best Restaurants in Miami

A beautiful Japanese restaurant with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Its atmosphere is modern, elegant, and quiet, where you will have a great time and enjoy a delicious Asian meal with your family and friends.

This is a top 5 of the best restaurants in Miami, both for the atmosphere, the quality of the service, and course the quality of the food!

Take advantage of a weekend to relax a little and go to one of these amazing places to get out of the routine.

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