Driving in complex conditions, like a very rainy day, can be dangerous… That’s why we bring you these tips to take care of your safety, and your family and friends safety while driving.

At Wheels Dr. We care about your safety.

Every trip is different and you never know what you might find around the corner, it is best to be prepared for any eventuality.

Tilt your rearview mirror slightly when driving at night:
This is to avoid being dazzled by cars driving behind you.

Speed Limit

Do not stare at the headlights of oncoming cars:
This way we make driving in the dark easier.

Limit your speed in the highway:
If we go at a very high speed, the probability of accidents increases.

Do not change lanes abruptly:
Warn other drivers of your intentions. Besides being dangerous, you can overturn the car.

Do not drive when you are tired.
Be sure to stop and rest every 2 hours, if the trip is very long.

If you are driving in mountainous terrain:
You need to check your brakes, spare tire, and tools before setting off.

Also: Weather can change very quickly in the mountains, so check the forecast and tell someone the route you plan to take.

Downshift and put your headlights on low:
When you are driving in complex conditions, like rainy days, it is harder to see the road and other road users, the road becomes very slippery and your car needs a longer braking distance. This step is important.

In snowy conditions:Driving in complex conditionsGently try the brake and accelerator pedals to avoid skidding. If you notice the car sliding, turn the

steering wheel into the skid and make sure you don’t brake, as all you will do is lock up the tires.

In foggy conditions:
This is the most dangerous condition to drive in, so always keep your low beams on in addition to your fog lights.

Likewise, leave a greater safety distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you to maintain reaction time. NEVER overtake.

In addition to these tips for driving in complex conditions:

It is also essential to have the car in good condition and carry everything we need in case of any unforeseen event on the road.

That is brakes, spare tires, lights, windshield wipers, fog lights, tools, flashlight, and safety vest.

As a last tip, it is necessary to check the tires of your car. Make sure they have no damage, cracks, or possible punctures. Don’t forget to check the tire pressure and condition of the tire. This will save you a bad time.

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