June 24, 2022

8 keys to extend the life and keep the paint of your cars

Car paint tends to be durable, but delicate, so it must have certain care and maintenance to avoid stains, scratches, cracks, bubbles, or burns; so today we bring these 8 keys to extend the life and keep the paint of your cars.

Mainly, when the car is usually outdoors, it is recommended approximately every 6 months to decontaminate the surface of your car, thus eliminating the contaminants that over time are impregnated in the surface (paint) of your car. This can be done with a professional or by yourself using special products, washing your car thoroughly.

When you go to wash your car, you should do it with cotton products. Don’t use brushes with plastic or very stiff bristles.

Don’t use household products either, such as detergents or soaps, make sure they are special products for your car because if you use household products, these are very corrosive and you run the risk that the paint will fall off or wear out much faster.

Wash your car with cotton products

“The ideal frequency with which you should wash your car depends on the type and use of the vehicle. Washing the car frequently does not damage the paint if we consider a few things.” says Martin Jaworski, BMW expert.

Don't use dry tissues as it can create scratches on the paint of your car

In addition to this, you should not use dry tissues as it can create scratches on the paint due to the dust accumulated on the surface could have sand that will hurt your car.

To enhance the colors of your car, it is always good to apply wax. In addition to giving shine and enhancing color, the wax prevents the accumulation of dust and solid particles that can damage the paint.

Birds tend to make cars quite dirty, so we recommend always carrying a pack of damp tissues. As soon as you see the dirt on your car, you should clean it immediately with these wet towels, because if you wait too long, it dries and the bird feces damage the paint of your car due to the acids it contains.

“Damage caused by bird droppings is irreversible and needs to be repaired by a professional,” warns paint expert Martin Jaworski. His advice: Wash off bird or aphid droppings as quickly as possible.

Whenever you can, park your car indoors. The sun’s rays are harmful, wearing down the paint and later, if there is no preventive care, it can burn it, leaving dark spots on your vehicle. In case you cannot leave your car indoors, we recommend that you use a special fabric protector, preferably against UV rays, and cover your car when it is outdoors. Never use a plastic protector, this is counterproductive.

Car polishes to protect your car

It is also necessary to polish your car, but this is recommended to be done by a professional. Car polishes contain microfine abrasives that gently clean car paint without damaging it. In addition, they keep the paint always looking new and protect it from the wear that occurs over time.

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