Did you know that the price of cars can vary depending on certain dates? Although a car dealer will always try to convince you that today is the best day to buy a car, they can be cheaper or more expensive depending on certain days or seasons. Check out this:

    1. End of the Month: At dealerships, sellers are often given bonuses for selling all the cars they’ve been entitled to. However, there are times that they do not sell all of them at the end of the month, so they usually offer prices to cover the total sales of the month and receive their bonus. You should be aware that this is not 100% of the time, as sellers may not be very motivated to make or accept offers if they have already met their monthly car sales goal.
    2. End of the Year: Of course, this option is more accepted by users who are planning their purchase a long time in advance, or that their future purchase is close to this season. Even so, we recommend this date, since dealers tend to want to close the year with good profits, without losing sales, so they usually accept or make offers, to sell as many cars as possible.
    3. Black Friday: Of course, we could not let this fact pass. Black Friday is known for its super deals and discounts at multiple stores across the country, and dealerships are no exception.

Let’s talk now about not having to wait months to get to the end of the year and having a good offer.

The best month to buy a car: Throughout the year we have other months where it is also a good time to buy a car. At the beginning of the year are the months with the least discounts (January to April) so it is not advisable to buy during these months if your goal is to save a little money, followed by good months that would be from May to September. However, the best months are still from October to December, especially, yes, December.

Best day of Checkout this tips before buy a new car!the week: If getting a car is critical at this time for you, being patient and waiting months for a good price is not an option, you need a car right now, we know it, so we offer you this last tip, which is the best day of a week to go to a dealer and the chance to get a car at a good price. First, don’t go on weekends, as these are usually the busiest days and sellers may be busy with multiple customers. 

The best thing you can do is go on a Monday or a Thursday, which are the quietest days in the dealerships and the salesperson can be more focused on you and your car needs.

There are cities where the dealers do not work on Sundays, so Mondays are usually quite busy. If this is your case, we recommend going on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. It is important to note that this last tip is not 100% guaranteed to get a very good offer, but it does guarantee that the seller will focus on you, on what you need, and on talking about deals/offers more calmly.

So, if you want to buy a car, you have these incredible tips that can help you when you want good quality and a very good price, as well as good service from the seller at the dealership.

Get the car of your dreams for a good price using this tips!

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