Hi, thanks for reading my page. I am Jorge and I want to share some ideas with you on how to identify excellent quality in wheels cars. My aim is to help you avoid mistakes when buying new wheels. Hope it helps you to make the correct decision using some of the following tips and advice.

As we all know, the tires are the only element in the car that is in constant contact with the road, so this is one of the main elements of safety. With poor quality wheels, we’ve more chances of an accident on the road, and for that reason, it’s very important to be careful in knowing how to choose and maintain our wheels.

In the last few years, many people have started to buy cheap wheels to save money, but this is not always recommended, because we don’t know if the ‘’cheap wheels’’ are stolen or even damaged without noticing their appearance. We can be using damaged wheels and not realize it in normal situations, but in other situations such as rainy days and wet ground, and dangerous curves is where we know the true quality of wheels.

But, how do we know how to choose them? Well, Wheels Doctor is here to help you with 3 important keys that you need to know before buying new Wheels.

The tire shouldn’t be too soft, either too stiff or hard.

A tire too soft will be more deformable, and also will lose a lot of precision when it comes to taking curves on the road. On the other hand, an extremely stiff tire wouldn’t be comfortable to drive. The flexibility of the wheel is very important because it directly affects the wheel’s flanks. In case of poor quality, they cause damage to them.

 The tire Grooves must be deep.

The deeper the tire grooves are, the better would be their ability to evacuate water on the road on rainy days. Be wary of tires with shallow grooves

The Rubber Quality.

It’s extremely important because it results in the adherence of the tire itself to the road. A very hard rubber offers little resistance to progress, but a softer rubber “molds” better to the asphalt and causes a better grip.

But… How do we know when our car needs a wheel change?

You’ll need to pay attention if suddenly the car starts to vibrate and shake when steering, or if you’re starting to feel that you can’t control it properly. Also, there are visible issues like damage, or tire deflating.

It’s important to say that the useful lifetime of wheels can range from 5 to 10 years, but after the tires are 5 years of use, they must be inspected by a professional periodically, and at 10 years of use they must be changed.

To know the age of the wheel you just need to check the fabrication date, which is located on a side of the wheel.

We need to emphasize that using high-quality wheels doesn’t mean that we’re immune to accidents, but they increase our safety of ourselves when driving. It’s very important to check the tire pressure regularly, as the depth of the grooves and, of course, that the wheels do not have fissures or visible damage, to ensure that they remain in perfect condition.

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